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4 Tips to Stay Safe on Louisiana Roads


4 tips to Stay Safe on Louisiana Roads With traffic growing each day it’s important to remember the basic of driving safely. Whether you are on country roads, driving through the city or on the interstates, distracted driving or taking unnecessary chances could get you into an unwanted accident. Remember these 4 basic safety tips each time you get behind the wheel.

View of truck in an accident with car, cloudy sky

4 Tips to Stay Safe: Be conscientious of 18-wheelers

If you are driving near 18-wheelers, you need to be even more conscious of your surroundings. 18-wheeler accidents caused over 4,000 deaths in 2017, and that number is expected to grow in 2019. Trucks this size can carry loads 20-30 times that of a car. The large size may prevent them from being quick to respond. These trucks can also carry oversized loads that shift suddenly, requiring quick thinking on your part. Be aware of the trucks speed and if they are shifting lanes quickly, this could be a sign something is wrong. Keep your distance and always be prepared to take quick action to avoid accidents with 18-wheelers.

4 Tips to Stay Safe: Use Your Seat Belts

Each day people die in car accidents that could have been prevented by simply wearing a seat belt. Seat belts are required in the front and back seats of cars and trucks in our state. Seat belts save lives. To prevent serious injury, wear your seat belt and ensure your passengers do as well.

4 Tips to Stay Safe: Don’t Text and Drive

We all want to stay in touch, but is it worth your life or the lives around you? Driving requires your full attention. Texting, or doing anything other than driving, prevents you from being alert and aware of your surroundings. Since 2008, it has been illegal to text while driving. In 2016, over 3,400 people died in distracted-related accidents. Don’t be part of that number in 2019.

Defensive Driving

Safety always comes first. Paying attention on the road will decrease your risk of causing or being a part of an accident. Be aware of your surroundings, watch for pedestrians, slower vehicles, and distracted drivers. Maintain a safe distance (at least 3 car lengths) between you and the car in front of you. Additionally, speed can cause catastrophic accident injury to you or your loved ones. Always drive the speed limit.

By adhering to the law and driving safely you can prevent serious accidents from occurring. Watch out for 18-wheelers, use your seat belt, don’t text and drive and practice defensive driving to stay safe on the roads. For a related article on accident prevention, click here. If you or a loved one has been in a serious accident don’t hesitate to call Shlosman Law today for your free consultation. Please call 504-826-9427 if you have any questions.