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Who Enforces Maritime Laws?

Maritime laws are a category of laws and treaties that focus on the maritime businesses and nautical issues. These encompass a wide variety of items on the open water including shipping, offenses, and trafficking. Maritime laws are mostly international, and...Read More

Personal Injury Lawsuits for Dental Injuries

Dental injuries are a common injury seen in motor vehicle crashes, but one of the lesser talked about injury types. Injuries in a car accident can vary from minor lacerations to life-threatening internal bleeding. Anyone who has been to a...Read More

How Long Do Drugs Show Up in Your System?

Like food, illegal substances and prescription medications take time for your body to digest. While the effects of a drug might last your body just a few short hours, the traces of that drug can linger for double that. Sometimes...Read More

What Makes the Jones Act So Controversial?

Trusted and Respected New Orleans Maritime Lawyer The Jones Act is one area of maritime law that has received extensive scrutiny from lawmakers over the past few decades. To understand what makes the bill so controversial, you must first understand...Read More

Exploring the History of the Jones Act

Skilled New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer Explains the Jones Act Various laws focus on maritime acts, but a popularly known law is the Jones Act. Formerly known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 it was passed by Congress at...Read More

Why is Offshore Work So Dangerous?

Having an offshore job is a great way to make a living, but it doesn’t come without risks. Drilling operations offshore are extremely dangerous. Hazardous and dangerous conditions are just part of the job. These conditions include inclement weather, hazardous...Read More

Is an Oil Rig Injury Considered Workers’ Compensation?

Let an Experienced New Orleans Oil Rig Injury Attorney Fight for You Injury claims in the oil and gas industry are highly complex because they overlap multiple state and federal regulations. While injured workers can receive workers’ compensation, the laws...Read More

Oil Rig Leaves Multiple Injured and One Missing

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Victims of Maritime and Oil Rig Injuries in New Orleans The Clovelly Oil Co. of New Orleans natural gas rig that exploded left several workers injured and one missing. Sadly, the Coast Guard suspended their search...Read More

5 Types of Catastrophic Injuries

A serious or catastrophic injury is one that is often debilitating and will change a victim’s life forever. Some of these injuries require years of medical treatments, surgeries, agonizing pain, emotional distress, and permanent disability. While you might think of...Read More

8 Surprising Reasons Truck Accidents Occur

Accidents do happen. However, when an accident involves something as heavy and large as a semi-truck, that accident is often catastrophic. Truck accidents account for 9 percent of traffic fatalities, and truck driver’s owe the public a greater duty of...Read More