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Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Causes 18 Personal Injuries and Kills at Least Two Others


Hotel Collapses New Orleans

On Saturday, October 12th, the Hard Rock Hotel that was under construction in downtown New Orleans partially collapsed. This tragic accident caused significant personal injury to at least 18 individuals and killed at least two others. There was at least one other victim of this accident who was still missing as of Sunday evening.

Construction Workers Killed Or Injured

There were reportedly 112 other construction workers on-site at the time of the collapse. Many of them checked themselves into area hospitals to receive treatment for their more minor personal injuries. Fortunately, most of those who were taken to area hospitals have since been released.

Cause Undetermined

The exact cause of the collapse is yet to be determined. Video of the incident shows the top few stories of the building collapse and fall onto adjacent buildings and the street below. The scene is quickly covered by dust and debris and people are seen running from the area.

Fallout Creates Hardship

The fallout from this accident will surely last for years. The construction company, the building owners, several government agencies, and numerous engineers will thoroughly investigate the incident to determine exactly what happened and who is at fault. Navigating that potential whirlwind of finger-pointing, legal filings, and engineering audits is not something that the victims of this accident should try to handle on their own. They should focus on getting the care they need to recover from the personal injuries and emotional hardship that this accident undoubtedly caused.

Consult An Attorney

The victims of this accident and their families should consult with a Louisiana personal injury attorney to evaluate their options for moving forward. There will surely be significant financial and emotional costs that will have long-term impacts on these families. Some of these costs will never be fully alleviated, especially for the families of those who passed away. However, it’s very fortunate to live in a country with a legal system that is set up to give these victims and their families a process through which they can receive compensation to cover some of their losses.

Get Help Navigating the Law

A Louisiana personal injury attorney will be an invaluable resource to have for these families. A personal injury attorney with the right experience can help them navigate the complexities of this tragedy. Given the numerous organizations and legal standards that will come into play in this case, the attorney that the families choose should be well-versed in Louisiana personal injury law specifically.

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