What To Do After An Arrest

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Things You Should Do After an Arrest

GavelAfter an arrest, it is important to move quickly in order to take steps that defend your future. At the Shlosman Law Firm, I am dedicated to helping individuals move past their arrest and secure a positive future. Here are a few things to keep in mind after an arrest:

  • Defend your case by refusing to answer questions. You have the right to remain silent. After an arrest, don’t volunteer information or answer questions, no matter how persistent the law enforcement
    officers may be. Be courteous but firm. State that you would like to wait
    until your attorney is present.
  • Defend your rights by observing how the officers behave. Mentally record the actions of the law enforcement officers throughout your arrest. Violations in protocol often have a bearing on the result
    of a case. Tell your New Orleans criminal defense lawyer about what you observe.
  • Defend your future by getting in touch with an attorney quickly. Do not wait before pursuing the legal representation and defense that you need. The sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the better your chances
    of building a strong defense and obtaining a positive outcome.
  • Defend the integrity of your case by keeping details private. Avoid discussing your case with anyone, including friends and coworkers, or posting about it on social media.


As an experienced and dedicated defense lawyer at the Shlosman Law Firm, I am proud of my commitment to defending my clients. Criminal defense is an important area of law — the foundation of the justice system. I believe that everyone deserves a strong advocate and the right to have their story heard.

Before graduating law school, I worked pro bono with Jason Williams and Perman Glenn, the celebrated trial lawyer in Boston, in order to free the falsely accused Nelson Benton from a death sentence. I have worked on high-profile cases, including capital murder in both state and federal courts. My dedication to my clients is proven.

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